so far so mellow yellow …. daily walk day 2 (with a coffee break)


and so day one is followed closely by day 2 walk – oh miracle! oh joy! oh how much mellow yellow can one absorb on such a bright blue and golden glorious inner Sydney day? (A: only so much as Factor 50 will allow i hope.)

another wander with purpose from magic Marrickville, through envious Enmore, naughty but nice Newtown (with a coffee break as you do), salubrious St Peters, onto simply gorgeous Sydney Park, and back again.

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hello. is it me you’re looking for?

i can’t believe it has been over a year since the last post.

yes i can. i’ve been busy /slash/ lazy /slash/ spending too much time on Facebook 😉

so it’s the new year and time to think about turning over a new leaf, getting healthy, finding myself, and all that razzamatazz jazz. thought i would try the 5:2 diet (again. did it for 2 weeks last year after reading the book, then on week 3 i forgot i had to not eat on 2 days. really, i need a personal assistant to remind me, how else can i keep up with myself?) so this is how it rolls – you choose 2 non-consecutive days, and not actually NOT eat, just reduce calorie intake substantially to mimic starvation and shock your metabolism. on the starving day you console yourself that tomorrow you CAN EAT again! also thought i would start each day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice. and have a green juice every day. and do a three day de-tox. and eat healthy and lean every other day i am not starving. and get in to more healthy raw or wholefood vegetarian cooking. and be gluten-free and reduce dairy intake (sure to help my sinuses and general health.) and get up early to go for a walk.


a refreshing new beverage i just invented! (at least i think i invented it …unless everyone has been drinking it forever and forgot to tell me about it. nah, it’s too daggy.) a bottle of Stones Ginger Wine caught my eye in the bottleshop and i bought it for old times sake (first came across it when i worked in a pub in London in the 80s.) i put a dash of it in soda water with a squeeze of lime and it is very refreshing, a bit like lemon lime & bitters, but gingery!

so how’s it going for me so far? well i downloaded the recipes for the 3 day de-tox and made and eaten the green soup. had lemon water several mornings. made quinoa porridge for breakfast twice.  sort of done 2 days of 5:2.  made lots of different yummy healthy vegetarian meals. in addition, eaten a block or 2 of chocolate (essential brain- and emotional-well-being food), several Weiss bars (summer just isn’t summer without a melting Weiss bar in your hands), indulged in blue cheese and wine, not got out of bed early to walk, and generally not stuck consistently or consecutively with any new regime. just about the same progress as this time last year i suppose!

anyhow, last night i made a scrumptious pasta sauce with roasted vegetables and whole roasted garlics – tick (from roasted veggie dinner the night before) and had it with a new supermarket find – konjac noodles/pasta. the noodles have practically no calories, but lots of fibre, are gluten free, and made from a mysterious glutinous japanese root vegetable. they smell atrocious in the packet and have to be thoroughly washed then cooked for 1 minute in boiling water. i didn’t have high high hopes, after reading an online review, but actually they were fine with the yummy sauce to smother them, though the texture was a bit gluey they were quite acceptable. will try again.

tonight i am inspired to make zucchini pasta (fine zucchini strips – apparently they are called ‘zoodles’) using my new julienne peeler (courtesy of the lovely ‘star’ who gave it to me as a present.) also might attempt a ‘creamy’ alfredo pasta sauce using cauliflower and almond milk from this amazing new recipe blog – Oh She Glows – (thank you to Lisa for the link to this site!) all the recipes i have seen so far are phenomenal.

… and here is the finished product: zucchini zoodles – somewhat less tidy and uniform threads to the ones in the recipe link 😉  with the creamy ‘alfredo’ sauce. it was very yummy and i made so much of it (and Mr P is away in India at the moment so there is only me and 2 cats at home) that i will be eating leftovers for the next few nights!


zucchini zoodles with cream cauliflower sauce – vegetarian, vegan, diary free, gluten free … and surprisingly delicious!

hello. is it me you’re looking for?

why the long silence?




 bits and bobs of crafting …. cards, felties, knitted wire and bead bracelets, hand stitched felt and button brooches, terracotta pot sticks, terracotta charms and tags, miniature glazed clay owl, terracotta sun face plaques for the garden, terracotta owl lantern for tealight candle, terracotta sun face outside my front door! 

also working on crochet, knitting, paper beads and re-newing my love affair with clay.

so why the long silence?  lots of ups and downs, some sad news, community activities,  AND a major renovation. more on that later.

would you like a little more tea?


Mad Hatter: Would you like a little more tea?
Alice: Well, I haven’t had any yet, so I can’t very well take more.
March Hare: Ah, you mean you can’t very well take less.
Mad Hatter: Yes. You can always take more than nothing.

 gorgeous scrumptious do-it-yourself vintage cake stands!

i don’t even bake very often but i have a fascination with cake stands … at one stage i discovered i had about 5 or 6 squirrelled away in various cupboards and drawers. in a moment of sanity, i either sold at my garage sale or gave away most of them, and have only kept one vintage one in blue/white/gold china.

 (check out the beauties at this website in the UK –

on our morning walk today my friend Sally said she had been to Reverse Garbage and bought some cake stand plates (missing the stand/stem which she was able to purchase on eBay.)

so i went googling, as you do, on the internet afterwards.  these exquisite examples have given me the irresistible urge to go trash and treasure hunting myself to find some old plates and glasses or candlesticks and make some dainty quirky little cake stands too.


… and maybe do some baking???




i’m an oriental aren’t i? bet you can’t see me on this rug!

i’ve just spent the day weeding and gardening, and despite slathered lashings of sun screen and a floppy hat, i am burnt crispy pink and hot all over. ouch. 

summer decided to arrive, finally, just in time for autumn.