so a little about myself …


well, what can i say about me? i’m a curious cat that loves crafting, creativity, collecting and cooking.

my favourite colour is black (naturally) but i like to accessorise with bright colours like fuschia, turquoise, purple or orange.

i live in the inner-city/inner-west of sydney. latte-land. yup that’s me – a chardonnay swilling, latte sipper, *flexi-vegi-tarian kinda critter.

actually if you’re buying the drinks, i  prefer a very chilled verdelho.  or if the sun is past the yard-arm (whatever that means! at any rate, drinky-poo time) a sticky wine with smelly cheese would be nice. yum. forget dinner, bring on the cheese and wine! all day tapas or mezze would be my idea of paradise.

but i digress.

i don’t care about labels or brands, please don’t try to impress me. genuine is the only quality i appreciate.

i’ve seen a lot of the world but there is still so much more to explore. places to see, people to meet, food and wine to taste, and shopping of course!

friends are gold. best friends are diamonds. family is precious beyond price. treasure them all.

(* the flexi bit covers my butt when i fall off the vegi-wagon!)


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