have i told you how much i dislike the dog tie up area at the Metro?


this poor pup was left tied up outside the Marrickville Metro shopping centre for hours while its owner went inside to shop. WTF? 

i LOATHE that dog tie up area. i cannot understand why any ‘dog lovers’ would want to tie their dog up outside in an unfamiliar area while they go shopping inside for hours. i have heard dogs barking and howling there for up to 2 hours. i love seeing dogs all thru the innerwest, with their owners having a latte at an outside cafe or whatever, but in those instances, if the dog is tied up it is close by to the owner so they can see each other and the owner knows if the dog is unhappy or not. at the Metro, the owners have no idea (no care?) that their poor pup is outside howling its guts out, setting off any other dogs there, or in the area. i hunted down a security officer one weekend day to try and get an announcement over the centre’s PA system to ask an owner to come back, as their poor young dog seemed to be in real distress, but they wouldn’t even do that. i am so disgusted with the Metro management, first for actually ENCOURAGING this behaviour by having an official dog tie up area and inviting people to use it, and secondly for having no control or responsibility for it now that they have established it.

i came across a gallery of photos of dogs tied up at the Metro that illustrate my point. look here –




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